Benjamin Strange

New Orleans, LA

I am a musician, guitar tech, and founder of Strange Guitarworks. When not working on guitars, I create experimental music under the moniker of UFO Death Cult, utilizing microtonal instruments of my own design. I also am slowly learning to speak German. Ausgezeichnet! "Intonation is a social construct."

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Behold, the Angry Inch!

Nerd alert! Over the past several years, I’ve become increasingly interested in microtonal music. I’ve done tons of research, lots of listening, and have modified several guitars and basses of my own to play non-standard scales. This one is my favorite: This guitar started out as a Playboy special edition guitar, made for Steve Clayton …

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The jig is up!

[NOTE: We no longer use the neck jig, and have moved on to using a PLEK machine for all of our fretwork. Read about it here: strangeguitarworks.com/plek] The secret to great fretwork is great tooling, and the skill to use it. Today I finished building my custom neck jig. Check it out: So what exactly …

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Disassembling an Ibanez USATK neck.

Today I started work on an old Ibanez USATK, made for them by Bunker Guitars back in 1995. Bunker Guitars uses an ingenius neck design, which utilizes a single steel bar instead of a truss rod. This supports all of the tension of the strings, allowing the wood in the neck to resonate without being …

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