7 String Guitar Nut

7-string guitar nut

One of the most overlooked component of the guitar is the nut. The way a guitar nut is cut dictates the overall playability of the instrument as a whole – string spacing, string height, and intonation. If it’s not perfect, there is nothing you can do to your guitar setup to make it feel right. …

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Don’t fear the refret: Taylor Fret Buck

Taylor Fret Buck

In an effort to outfit my guitar repair shop with the best tooling possible, I picked up a Taylor Fret Buck. This will make doing a refret on acoustic instruments worry free. Check it out: This tool has been out of production for a long time, and were quite expensive even when they were being …

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Fretwork on a Gene Simmons Punisher bass.

Today I did some fretwork on a Gene Simmons Punisher bass. I am told that there were only 1500 of these made, individually signed and numbered by Gene Simmons himself, and sold exclusively through Hot Topic (where all the non-conformists shop!). This bass guitar had been, well… punished over the years, by an obviously enthusiastic …

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Behold, the Angry Inch!

Nerd alert! Over the past several years, I’ve become increasingly interested in microtonal music. I’ve done tons of research, lots of listening, and have modified several guitars and basses of my own to play non-standard scales. This one is my favorite: This guitar started out as a Playboy special edition guitar, made for Steve Clayton …

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First Yelp review!

Strange Guitarworks received it’s first two 5 star reviews on Yelp a few weeks ago, and I’d like to share the first review. Here’s the text of the first review: Benjamin took my plain, vanilla wallflower of an acoustic guitar and transformed it into a show-stopper. This guy knows his stuff. Under the premise that …

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The jig is up!

The secret to great fretwork is great tooling, and the skill to use it. Today I finished building my custom neck jig. Check it out: So what exactly is it? Quite simply, the neck jig allows for a greater accuracy in fretwork, which is impossible using conventional means. Here’s how it works: the guitar is …

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Disassembling an Ibanez USATK neck.

Today I started work on an old Ibanez USATK, made for them by Bunker Guitars back in 1995. Bunker Guitars uses an ingenius neck design, which utilizes a single steel bar instead of a truss rod. This supports all of the tension of the strings, allowing the wood in the neck to resonate without being …

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting myself settled in New Orleans and getting this shop set up has taken far longer than I expected. But, after much delay, it’s done! This Thanksgiving I’m thankful that I am now officially open for business. A huge debt of gratitude goes to my buddies Aaron Younce (Fodera Guitars, Brooklyn), Scott Morgan (Morgan-Guitars, Helsinki), …

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Strange Guitarworks is now on the Google+ machine.

In order to spread myself out across the interwebs as much as possible, I’ve opted to join the ghost town that is Google+. No offense to the converted, but there doesn’t seem to be much going on at Google+. But perhaps Google has got some sort of sneaky search engine optimization entwined with it that …

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Making progress.

I’m still working on getting the shop set up and ready to go. It’s taken me a bit longer than I expected to get settled in New Orleans, and I expect to have the shop ready to accept work in maybe another two weeks or so. I must admit I’m a little impatient to get …

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