Aug 01 2017

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Free bone saddles for acoustics in August!

We’re sure you know by now that fretwork is the most important aspect of getting a guitar to play properly – if the frets aren’t perfectly level the strings may buzz or choke. We pride ourselves on our quality fretwork, and we do hundreds of Fret Levels and Refrets every year. As much as people are blown away by how well their guitars play with a good fret job, we thought we’d sweeten the deal a little bit this month, by offering free bone saddle upgrades for acoustic guitars this August with the purchase of a Fret Level or Refret. Yup – not only will your acoustic play a million times better, it will also sound better with a new bone saddle replacing your current plastic, corian, Tusq, or other synthetic material saddle.

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Your saddle is a critical link transferring the string’s vibration into the bridge and soundboard. Cheap plastic and synthetic materials tend to be a bit soft and are often not good conduits for vibrations. Bone, on the other hand, is very dense and hard, and tends to improve an acoustic guitar’s tone by increasing treble and bass response, as well as increasing projecting and perceived volume. Most people dig the tonal improvements that bone provides over their synthetic counterparts.

We hand carve all our saddles from scratch, ensuring a perfect fit to your instrument. They are shaped to match the radius of your fretboard, and set at the proper height for your preferred action. We also carve our saddles to compensate for the plain B and E strings, which help improve intonation up and down the neck. Plus, we think they look super classy.

So come on in this month and get your guitar tricked out with amazing fretwork and a free bone saddle upgrade. Hooray for free stuff!

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