New Google reviews!

Even though I’m technically closed this week while I hunt for a new location, I wanted to share two new reviews I received recently on Google. Positive reviews really make my day – woot!

To help reduce your click fatigue, here’s the text of the reviews for your reading enjoyment:

Review from Ryan:

My EBMM Stingray 5 suffers with a temperamental neck, and moving it from its previous home to humid New Orleans did it no favors. Not only did Benjamin make the necessary adjustments with a quick turnaround, but he kept careful records to ensure that we got the same results when it needed a little tweaking. I knew my instrument was in the hands of an artist, and it came back wonderfully playable. Highest possible recommendation.

Review from Weindahl:

Ben just finished executing a complete re-fret on my beloved ’96 guild s-100. He carved a new bone nut, properly set the intonation, adjusted the pickup height and fixed a wonky selector switch. I was a little worried about the bound fretboard causing some problems, but it came out beautifully and I am very pleased. It plays better than ever before, the action is perfect, and the feel is incredible. Stainless steel frets are definitely the way to go, and Ben is the guy to go to. Thanks!

Thanks, guys! Y’all have really made my week! Huzzah!


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