Replacing an output jack.

For guitar techs, it’s the small things that (should) matter. The devil is in the details, even on simple jobs like replacing an output jack.

First of all, I only use the highest quality components available. Your output jack is constantly abused – plugging it in and out, stepping on the cord during your epic solo… it needs to be solid, so I use Switchcraft jacks. I collar all my soldered leads with heat shrink tubing, which prevents the wires rubber shield from melting, and keeps things looking nice and neat. Sure, most people will never even see the detail I put into even the simplest work, but I feel it’s important to do things right, even when nobody notices.

output jack

Notice the red heat shrink tubing on each terminal of the output jack. Snazzy!

As this is the last day of 2012, I’d like to give a shout out to my new friends, clients, and the greater community of musicians in New Orleans for making me feel welcome coming back home. In not particular order, I’d like to thank: Mike and Chuck at Algiers Music Point, John Lisi, Scott Jackson, Joshua Pray, Christy Soto, Mike Stier, Chris and Melvin at C&M Music Center, Elliot at Guitar Center, and Kat Tsui. I couldn’t have gotten this shop off the ground without your help, encouragement, and faith in my work.

And that’s all from this guitar tech for the year. Strange Guitarworks will be closed on New Year’s Day, and will be open for regular guitar repair business on January 2nd. I’m looking forward to serving the musician community of New Orleans in the coming year. This next year is going to rock!

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