Don’t fear the refret: Taylor Fret Buck

In an effort to outfit my guitar repair shop with the best tooling possible, I picked up a Taylor Fret Buck. This will make doing a refret on acoustic instruments worry free. Check it out:

Taylor Fret Buck

This tool has been out of production for a long time, and were quite expensive even when they were being offered. I’ve wanted one for a long time, and I thought I’d never find one. I was discussing this with my former co-worker Aaron Younce (who is now with Fodera Guitars in Brooklyn), and as his sister works at Taylor Guitars, we thought we’d give her a call just on the off chance they had an old one laying around. Turns out, they had only one left, that had never been sold! Score! Not only did I get the last one, I even got the bro-deal on it. Double score!

So what does it do, exactly? This ingenious tool rests on the top of an acoustic guitar, and supports the tongue of the fretboard while pressing in frets. The section of the fretboard that rests on the body of the guitar is far to fragile to handle having frets pressed or hammered into it during a refret, and this jig prevents the soundboard or fingerboard from being damaged. Neat, huh?

Still curious? For more information on the Taylor Fret Buck, check out the description here:

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