Strange Guitarworks is equipped to handle any guitar repair, from the simple to the complex. Whether your guitar is fresh out of the box, or a seasoned road dog one gig away from retirement, our goal is to turn it into the best instrument you’ve ever played, period.

Technology and technique are key here, and scientific methodology is employed every step of the way. Everything is measured – there’s no guesswork, and nothing is done simply by feel. All fretwork is done on our PLEK machine, which allows for an incredible degree of accuracy unmatched by conventional methods – guaranteeing a perfect playing guitar, all the way up the neck. Neck resets are done under string tension, ensuring a dead-on neck angle. Electronic work is completed to engineering standards – tightly organized, tied down securely, and using only the highest quality components.

Art and craft are also rigorously pursued. Creative modifications, artistic customizations, and just plain crazy ideas are welcome here. If you’ve got an idea that no one else is willing to accept, we can make it happen.

  • Precision fret leveling utilizing our PLEK machine
  • Re-frets for both vintage and modern instruments
  • Setup and action work
  • Fretless bass conversions
  • Epoxy treatment on fretless instruments
  • Acoustic guitar neck re-sets
  • Acoustic instrument bridge re-glue, repair, & replacement
  • Complete restorations of vintage instruments
  • Pro reconstruction work (i.e. peghead repair, body damage, etc.)
  • Pickup installs for electric and acoustic instruments
  • Complete electrostatic shielding of guitar’s electronics
  • Complete instrument wiring services including custom wiring
  • Pickup rewinding and potting
  • Bone nut and saddle installations
  • Acoustic guitar body damage and crack repair
  • Tone-Rite acoustic sound optimization
  • Restringing
  • Customization, modifications, etc.
  • Etc., etc., etc. We can do just about anything – let us know what you want and we’ll  be glad to help out!

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