New music from my musical project, UFO Death Cult.

If I may interrupt this guitar repair blog with a shameless plug: I present to you, my friends, the newest work from my musical project, UFO Death Cult.

I’ve been working on this record off and on for the past 3 years, and quite simply, it’s the most difficult thing I have ever done. I have never made a record like this before, and probably never will again. This is exceedingly difficult music, and I have been trapped in a cage of my own devising for far too long. Why can’t I ever do anything easy?

This record is dedicated to the memory of my best friend, Danny Guidry, who was the only musical soulmate I have ever known. He was a unique artist, a wildly inventive guitarist, and a deeply inquisitive musical mind. He introduced me into a new way of thinking about music, and about life. Danny taught me how to embrace the unknown, and to cast off easy answers to complex questions. I am a better musician, and a better man, to have known him. He was only 28 when he was erased from this world. I miss him terribly.

Your financial support would be greatly appreciated: this was not an inexpensive project to complete. Questions, comments and criticisms are encouraged. Your advocacy would be extremely helpful: feel free to share this on your social network of choice. If you’re so inclined please follow UFO Death Cult on Facebook (, Twitter (@ufodeathcult), and Tumblr ( Also, if you or someone you know would be interested in helping to bring this music into a live setting, please let me know.

We now return you to your regular guitar repair programming.

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