Recycling guitar strings

Like many musicians, I’ve often wondered how to go about recycling guitar strings. I go through a TON of guitar strings, and I’ve always felt conflicted about just throwing them in the trash. Since New Orleans recycling programs post-Katrina still seem to be lacking, there really hasn’t been a good option for recycling guitar strings. But this week I received a request from Zombeads, who are looking for old guitar strings to be repurposed for Mardi Gras throws. This seems a great idea: reduce waste by reusing old guitar strings, reduce reliance on the petrochemicals used to create plastic throws, and create local jobs. Besides, how cool would it be to catch a Mardi Gras throw made of guitar strings? Pretty rad, methinks.

I’m starting to set aside guitar and bass strings as I go through them in the shop. If you’d like to contribute, coil up your strings and bring me your stash, and I’ll deliver them to Zombeads. This is a great way to show some love to New Orleans. Musicians, step up!

recycle guitar strings

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