Strange Guitarworks welcomes Dunlop Strings!

We are proud to announce that we are now an official dealer for Jim Dunlop strings! We restring a LOT of guitars, and we’ve found Dunlop strings to be among our favorites. They’re built really well, are extremely consistent, are generously long (handy for long scale & hollow body instruments), made in America, and the Dunlop people are super nice to boot! We’d like to extend a big thanks to our friend Nathan Becker at Dunlop for bringing us on board. Thanks dude!

We have no intentions of becoming a giant retail store – we want to focus on what we’re good at, and that’s making your instrument play it’s best and serving the musicians’ community of New Orleans. When we started thinking about carrying gear that would be the most useful to New Orleans’ guitarists and bassists, Dunlop was absolutely first on our list. We know that there’s scant few places in New Orleans to get good strings at a fair price, so now we’ve got you covered.

We will be stocking the most commonly used gauges of electric, acoustic, and bass strings, and will happily special order anything we don’t regularly have on hand. If there’s anything you need, please let us know. Come and get ’em!


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