It’s our five year anniversary!

On September 1st, 2012, Strange Guitarworks was born. It doesn’t seem like that long ago – this has been so much fun that I’ve hardly noticed that five whole years have slipped by. To be honest, I don’t really know exactly how to remark upon this admittedly small, but perhaps significant milestone. When I consider what’s the most important part of the last five years of my life, I have to admit that it is all of you that has made this crazy dream possible. I am truly grateful that you have trusted Strange Guitarworks with your instruments, and deeply humbled that many of you have considered us as your friends. Thank you all so very much.

Specifically I would like to thank (in no particular order): Geoff Luttrell (owner of San Francisco Guitarworks), for teaching me the techniques, attention to detail, and business philosophy to run a successful guitar shop. Scott Morgan (of Morgan Guitars) for planting the seed, and being a great friend. Spencer Maki, for being such a jerk and making want to prove myself all the more. Aaron Younce, for taking an enormous risk and joining me in this crazy adventure. Cobra Kyle, for being a total badass. Alex Barnett, for living a life of inspiration. Kat, for all your support and sacrifice. Robert Manganello (of the band RockBox) for being my first and most consistent client. Mr. P.H. Fred, for keeping me on my toes with your crazy requests. Paul Agostino, for putting up with all the dust and noise we make. John Lisi, for running your mouth and telling the world about our shop. Melvin Volz (of C&M Music Center) for sending us a ton of work. Scott Jackson, for passing your baton to us. Bonnie, Verity, and Elizabell Agostino for bringing levity and light. Kirin Taylor, for bringing color and taste (also for hijinks, shenanigans, and tomfoolery).

The last five years have been full of blood, sweat, and tears – and completely worthwhile. This has been an absolute blast, and I’m extremely lucky to be doing what I love for a living. This is the best job in the world, with the best boss in the world: you. We’ve got big plans for the next five years, and will constantly strive to be better. Ultimately, we remain your humble servants, your confidants, your advisors, and your friends.

– Benjamin Strange
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